Top 5 Songs In The World (April 2018)

These days it easier to miss a new a song, most tracks even the ones from big popular artists sometimes went unnoticed by casual music lovers. You only get to know about new songs maybe when they are played as soundtrack on our favorite TV shows, or pop up on the radio and when they earn a spot on your playlist.

Here, you’ll find the top 5 songs in the world that are making wave at the moment. Irrespective of your favorite music genre or how popular the artist is, we want you listen to these songs and you will enjoy them. These songs are worth taking out time for.


Thru Your Phone By Cardi B (available through

‘Thru your phone’ is the second to the last track of Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy album. In this track she combines two different modes of tender vulnerability and righteous invincibility. This is a song about infidelity and unfaithfulness that shows the mixed emotion of betrayal. In one of the verses she is threatening to call your mum, smash your TV from Best Buy, and “make a bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach”. But in the chorus she uses a more melancholy tone saying “she went through your, discovered you were unfaithful and how it is killing her”.



Made Men By Migos (available through

On the anniversary of their groundbreaking major label debut they released ‘Culture II’. They didn’t hold back anything releasing this album. The album comprises of massive 24 songs, but the obvious standout tracks are ‘Stir Fry’ which came out last year and ‘Made Men’. The beat in Made Men is a glittering and classic late night boast. They make use of some phrases from the classic American mafia, they brag in the first verse, “Not Toby, but we slave for it, No Kunta Kinte, but we slave for it and I waited some days for it” in a radiant Roots reference.



Logout By Saba Feat. Chance The Rapper (available through

Chicago rapper Saba and Chance the Rapper have previously worked together on Saba’s Social Experiment album in which he featured Chance on almost all the tracks. The two great artists come together again on this soulful slice criticizing the use of social media. This should be a good song for those who recently deleted Facebook. Saba sings with the lyrics “I don’t want no autograph, I just want a follow back” mocking the obsession about the present selfie culture. This did not exactly paint the picture of the subject, but the approach they used in the song makes the track go down easy.



Bad Bad News By Leon Bridges (available through

In this track Leon Bridges reminds us of jazz, R and B, and Blues greats. He is establishing himself as a artist with the modern voice. He is not only in touch with past, but also with what is happening right now. This track is great blend of throwback vibes and present classics. ‘Bad Bad News’ is a combination of a lounge, a big bang number, with shouts and tender guitar solos. The track comes with message that you can get through anything if you have style and grace.  



Til It’s Over By Anderson Paak (available through

The year 2016 was a breakout year for Anderson Paak with his sophomore album ‘Malibu’.  The album released early in January 2016 and it was good enough to stay near the top of almost every year-end top songs list. The album earned him his first two Grammy nominations for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best New Artist. This didn’t stop there, as he continues to appear on more than a dozen tracks since the release of his album. Paak has now return with ‘Til It’s Over’, this is his first solo track since the release of Malibu. This track is a trippy and relaxed jam which contemplates originality and mortality.




These songs are the height of creativity and talents itself, with lyrics, beats and tunes that sure to knock you off your feet and nodding in sync with the message. There are still several months left before the year comes to an end. These selections will certainly change in a number of ways before the end of the year. The fact that more songs are expected to be release by various artists may alter the selection. But nonetheless, presently these are our picks for top 5 songs in the world.


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