Top 5 Books In The World (2018)

Books are one of the best ways to acquire knowledge and open your mind to several possibilities in the world. With books you can develop your mind and brain in whichever way appeals to you. Reading a book is one of the ways to escape and take a break from the day to day life challenges is through a good book. From psychological thrillers to historical heartbreaking fiction sagas, there are many excellent books have been published over the years and are available in stores.

There certain books that are a must read for everyone because of their incredible appeal to different minds, check out the selection of the top 5 books in world below.


Census By Jesse Ball

The book Census by Jesse Ball looks at the relationship between a father and his son. The father decides to take a job as a census taker after he had received the news that he won’t live for long. The job gives the two of them the opportunity to crisscross the Northern counties together on a bonding Odyssey of sorts. As a census taker, the father’s job is to count and mark the people they come across on their way with a small tattoo on a rib. This elementary process gives an apocalyptic air to this novel and is at the same time grounded by the most lasting theme of family love.



The Woman In The Window By A. J. Finn

The woman in the window is a powerful Hitchcockian thriller. It is a book about agoraphobic woman who believes she had seen someone committing a crime in a neighboring house.

Anna Fox lives alone in her New York City home. She is unable to venture outside her home, so she spends her days watching old movies, drinking wine, recalling happy times and spying on her neighbors.  It happens that the Russell’s, a family comprising of the father, the mother and their teenage son move into the house that is across the way. On a night, as Anna was gazing out her window, she saw something that she should not have seen and her world starts to crumble when the shocking secrets are exposed.



The Opposite Of Hate: A Field Guild To Repairing Our Humanity By Sally Kohn

For two years, Sally Kohn was a liberal commentator on Fox News and presently on CNN. She had developed a reputation as a candid progressive who could talk openly. No matter how much she disagrees with an opposing point of view, she always communicates respectfully. Over the past few years, Kohn found herself sliding into anger, frustrated and worried about how hatred is engulfing our planet. She decided to research and tries to understand the source of our prejudices and why they make us do things that are uncalled for. In this book, she discusses the best ways to shift the hate and break the barriers between people with opposing views.



Blood Fury By J. R. Ward

R. Ward #1 New York Times bestselling author tells a story about two couples, both trying to fall in love.

Peyton, a vampire aristocrat fully aware of his responsibilities to his bloodline had to mate with the right female of his class in order to carry on the legacy of his family. Just when he thought he had found the perfect match, the girl fell in love with someone else.

Novo the only female in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training program knows that she had to prove herself to everybody. She did not fancy the idea of being sidetracked by falling in love. Things take a new turn when Peyton shows to be more than a rich playboy. She was forced to deal with the tragedy that has broken her soul and prevented her from falling in love.



My Dear Hamilton By Laura Kamoie And Stephanie Dray

This is an epic story about a revolutionary woman Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, who like her newly found nation struggled to define herself amidst war, tragedy and betrayal. Kamoie and Dray make use of several letters and original sources to tell the story of Eliza as it has never been told before. Not only was she a wronged wife in middle of a political sex scandal but also a founding mother who in her own right shaped the American legacy.

Eliza Schuyler as she comes of age on the frontier of revolutionary New York, she champions the struggle for independence.  When she meets Alexander Hamilton a passionate aide-de-camp, she was enthralled by the young officer’s brilliance and charisma. They both fall in love despite the uncertainties of war and Hamilton’s bastard birth.



The above selected books are presently our top 5 books  in the world this year, 2018. Before the end of the year it is certain that new books will published and released.  At the moment, these books are making tremendous sales.


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