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Music is as appealing as the light. It draws the soul and speaks to the heart in numerous ways.

Because of the appealing nature of music, artistes with exceptional music talent in any genre of music are always appreciated. These days, there are so many music artistes all around the world with unique talent that it could be difficult to choose a favorite song. When it comes to making top choice songs and artiste available, Billboard is a very reliable source. The billboard is what people look forward to when trying to get information about top music and artistes that appeals to them, here are 5 the top artistes on the billboard.


Music is as appealing as the light


Drake: Aubrey Drake Graham is an exceptional R&B  multifaceted entertainer and Grammy Award winning artiste. Since he first started his music career in 2008, drake has created a trailblazer brand for himself. One of the things people appreciate most about him is his rap lyrics that tend to ring true and real and his versatility. Whether rap, dance hall or R&B, his songs are always a hit, two of  his most current hit song “Nice For What” and ”God’s Plan” are sitting comfortably in the number 1 and 2 positions on the billboard chart


Bebe Rhexa:  Bebe Rexha is ruling the country charts right now with her impressive  song ,“Meant to Be ” the country song has a new side to it that has never been heard before, her collaboration with Florida George Line has  also put an icing on the cake has taken her to her peak. Florida George Line is combination of two impeccable artistes, ever since their first breakthrough hit “Criuse” the country duo have been on a roller coaster ride serving their fans with some of the biggest hits in the history of country music. Their most recent one,” Meant To Be” in which Bebe Rhexa featured them is now no. 3 on Billboard.


Post Malone: Post Malone is an American singer, rapper and songwriter, known for dishing out some of the best hits since his major recognition in 2015. Since his last album release in 2016, his fans have been yearning for more and he did it just right with the release of his latest song “Psycho”. Post Malone has also made No. 4 on the Billboard chart with his hit song “Psycho” which features TY Dollar Sign. The song is from Malone’s “Beerbongs and Bently” album. The song was meant to be a sure hit as the collaboration between the two artistes has always been mind-blowing as was seen in their earliercollaboration in “Rockstar”. Fans of Rap music and lovers of good beat are currently jamming to the “Psycho” beat.


Zedd:  the Russian-German multi -instrumentalist, singer and record produce knows just how to bring out the best songs with his electro house music. His diversified genre that has drawn influences from several genre has help with the creation of a unique brand which is well appreciated, his latest collaboration with Maren Morris and Grey in “The Middle” has led into something music lovers can never forget easily, The Middle has been pushed to No. 5 on the Billboard just after weeks of releasing the song because of its top of the roof beats and the charm added to it by country singer, Maren Moris. It was produced by both Zedd and Grey.


Blocboy: the American rapper and songwriter know just how to serve the lyrics well. From popular hit, “No Chorus Pt 6” that made wave in 2017, blocboy has made a name for himself in the music industry and has made him not just a successful up and coming artiste but an impressive one as well. He has hit the roof with his collaboration with Drake in the song “Look Alive”. The hit song which features Drake has been widely accepted by fans all around the world, not just because he featured drake but also because of Blocboy’s catchy and matured lyrics.


One thing that is glaring in the top five billboard chart is the appreciation of unique talents irrespective of the level of popularity, the 2018 Billboard has seen to the rise and popularity of new talents that have fresher perspectives in different genres of song.  Popular artiste who have worked tremendously to give their best to their fans irrespective of the type of music they choose to favor have continued to have a favorable placing in the Billboard and new artiste with unbeatable talents have also got a platform to expand their fan base through the Billboard ranking.




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