★ LinkedIn Secrets – Wisdom Of The Crowd #1 ★

For all of you people who don’t know yet, LinkedIn (according to Wikipedia):

…business- and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.

So Joe, What’s LinkedIn?


LinkedIn Logo


Some general information about LinkedIn according to Wikipedia (again :)):

  • LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.
  • As of April 2017, LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries.
  • The site has an Alexa Internet ranking as the 20th most popular website (October 2016).

Which brings us to the point which is exposure, exposure, and again, exposure!

Exposure is one of the most important factors in the process.

So… With so many people, just a touch away, the amount of exposure becomes endless.

According to Wikipedia (and again :p):

The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles, which for employees typically consist of a curriculum vitae describing their work experience, education and training, skills, and a personal photo.

With the right knowledge, and the right tools, even the sky is no limit!

In the next article we will deal mainly with the basis of the LinkedIn profile.

The basis is actually the most important and vital fields, essential in every profile.

We will…

  • Cover important terms such as: Exposures, Interactions, Views, and more.
  • Use different systems in order to keep track of profile growth and improvement.
  • Learn how to maximize exposure and quantity of followers.
  • earn how to significantly expand our 1st & 2nd connections circles.
  • Expand our professional profile on the website in order to make a good impression, which is positive and essential to us.

Concepts bit harsh and unfamiliar? Do not worry! We will talk about them all later. Without paying attention you will find yourself professional enough and know exactly what you do and how you do it, and most importantly – how it is most helpful to you.

Try and think about this article as Guidelines for achieving our goals.

An important note to remember: As soon as we stop looking at it as a “task” and we will start to address it as a “game” it will be more fun, and this is a very important factor in the process.

So… Let the fun begin!  ?



The articles are are combined of self-study, advice and techniques that pass among people, helped and improved. Crowd wisdom.

Before we begin, it is important to note that this is a creative, impressive and amazing way, and to present ourselves to the professional market we wish to approach.

As long as we will look professional / representative / talented / good in what we do, the key to success will be in our hands.




Look, there is no magic here, the math is simple, No hard workNo results, It might sound like an old corny cliche, but I like calling it “you get what you pay for“.


no excuses – only results


Those who invest more, give more of themselves, and save the excuses, harvest the finest fruits

Our goal is plain and simple:

Produce as much exposure as possible in the shortest possible time, and And a good note that he will stay after that exposure.

From now on, It’s a self working machine, and it works.


So, we will begin with…

Information, information, and more information!

I know they say “more is less”, BUT, it’s true only when the information is unnecessary.

Important – The LinkedIn profile in most cases is a first impression long before the resume, so it is important that the initial impression will be as impressive as possible.

Understand – This may seem like a basis for many people, but this is a very deficient matter.

Note – It is important to add at least 2-3 records in each area you fill.


  • Edit:

Inside your profile editor, cheack all the areas and add everything that can be useful (of course, things should be as relevant as possible to the content of the profile) and things that we will be able to answer during the interview if they make us worse.


  • Projects:

No less important than occupational experience.

It is highly recommended to update quality projects and not a backwaters project from the first year of studies, projects that show ability, experience, talent, and any other abilities and advantages.

It is also highly recommended to pay attention to an important area that most people overlook


And everything about it

Projects, Courses, Languages, Organization.

And the mantra should be

Nice & Clean.

Good luck! 🙂


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