Think of an old, worn down, and rusted car that is performing poorly. The car is being fueled by dirty oil of the poorest quality. The engine oil hasn’t been changed in years. Rust is dramatically eating away the paint and various mechanical parts of the vehicle. There hasn’t been a maintenance routine in years. The car doesn’t start on its own and needs to be pushed in order to achieve ignition. It starts lagging and breaking down in the middle of the road. This type of car is not reliable because the owner hardly ever takes care of it. Now realize that this type of car is your body. Just as the car cannot function without proper maintenance and clean fuel, your body cannot function without having a proper healthy lifestyle and diet.


rusty car
Think of an old and rusted car that is performing poorly…


Now think of a supercar. It is ultra-sleek, well-polished and clean. The color is nice and shiny, the metallic surfaces and the windscreen are clean. You can spot this car from a mile away. You open the door and you sit in it, you are greeted by its sleek interiors and comfortable leather seats. You start the car and it starts in less than a second. You rev the engine and it’s like an orchestra, each mechanical part in the engine performing in harmony, creating sweet mechanical music. You put in gear and press on the gas pedal and the car starts moving forward. It’s a smooth, comfortable ride. You drive on the open road and the engine starts performing to its best. You hit a bump but nothing happens, you don’t feel the shock because the suspension can carry it. The car is taken well care of by her owner, it is maintained, well-oiled and well-polished. This is how your body should work like when it is taken care of. The internal organs are performing their best because the body is being fueled by healthy foods rather than processed garbage. The body is clean and proper and that is the reason why it is performing its best.


You rev the engine and it’s like an orchestra…


What you put inside your body can either help you or harm you, that is why it is so important for you to adopt healthy habits. It affects your brain performance and enhances your memory. A good diet helps your body fight against harmful diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Your body produces anti-oxidants and guards itself against things that harm it. Your body produces balanced hormones which lift your moods, you can work better and not feel tired all the time. With the help of a healthy diet and lifestyle, you get better sleep, better moods, and better performance throughout your day. Healthy foods that include juicy fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins such as fish, and oils having low cholesterol levels such as olive oil not only aid your body in improving its performance but also allows your body to increase the efficiency of blood vessels, this greatly increases your cardiovascular health.



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