What Is Better Social Marketing?

Social media is fast evolving. What started out as a place to share photos has evolved into a powerful network with over 1.8 billion active users. With this fact, social media platform is giving e-commerce website owners, marketers, and even ordinary people a chance to market their products and even make actual sales. However, with the ongoing trends in the internet marketing industry people are faced with a myriad of challenges on how to market their products online.

Here are social marketing tips you should know:


Post at non-peak times

A huge number of social media users, especially Facebook users open their accounts during peak times particularly between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. When they visit their accounts, they could have an average of over 1500 potential stories to see and go through from people they follow, friends’ updates, groups, and pages. When you post at these times, chances of your target audience not going through your advert or post are very high. Therefore, if you want to get the right audience post at non-peak times when most of the social media users are not so actively involved in posting things but a good number of them are reading new posts. Non-peak times can be at 8:00 pm to late in the night.


Understand Your Target Audience

Although this may seem obvious to many, it is often disregarded. It is essential for you to sit down and focus on your audience and what you are offering them. Focus on providing your visitors adequate and accurate information on your goals and solutions to what they are looking for. Do not just post without your audience in mind.


Engage your fans and audience by asking questions

For you to get the attention of your audience it is advisable for you to ask questions and give solutions to issues faced by your audience. This way you will be demonstrating your expertise in your field. Ensure that you respond to all your customers’ questions and enquiries within the shortest time possible. This will build trust and confidence among your audience and they will always look forward to interacting with you on various issues concerning your products.


Create a business page, not a personal profile

You need to create a business page that represents your brand, not a personal profile. This is a common mistake done by a number of business people. Twitter and Facebook pages normally look like personal profiles, but they have unique tools for brands, organizations, and businesses. Ensure that your business page only talks about what you offer and probably the benefits of the products you are offering. People buy products because of what they will get from those products. Therefore, give them a brief description of the benefits of the product.


Use videos

You can post short video clips on your Facebook page, Google plus account, Twitter and other social media platforms that allow video uploads to demonstrate how your product can help in solving a particular problem. Customers love to watch videos that answer their questions. On top of that Facebook Live, the latest feature on this platform allows you to go live and interact with your audience by responding to some of their issues. You should, however, ensure that you post high-quality videos that are related to your products and what you are marketing.


Include a great cover photo

Facebook allows you to include an 851 X 315-pixel picture as the cover photo of your business page. Your cover photo is not your profile picture. You can use different pictures for your profile picture and cover photo. Therefore, ensure that you upload a great picture that represents your brand. The cover photo should capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to check out what the page is all about and to learn more.


User reviews

You should always encourage your customers to leave reviews about the different products you offer. The reviews will not only give you some vital information about what your customers are looking for in a particular product but they will help in encouraging potential customers to go ahead and make purchases.


Optimize your ‘About’ section

The about section is where you let your audience know what the page is all about. Therefore, be as short and concise as possible. Give a brief description of what your page is about and do not exaggerate anything in this section.


Include a recognizable profile picture

On top of including a beautiful cover photo, you should also upload a recognizable profile picture. It is good to use a picture that your visitors can easily recognize or associate with. You can use a headshot of yourself or the logo of your company as the profile picture.  This picture will appear as a thumbnail image next to all your updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, therefore, choose this picture wisely.


Add a call-to action

Never forget to add a call to action on your posts. You can post a powerful advertisement, video, link or just an update on your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ but the moment you forget to include an elaborate call-to action request, very few users will bother checking out your products. A call to action directs your audience on what to do next or where to go. You can also interlink your Facebook with your website and blogs by creating links.


Optimize for multi-channels

It is important to use the keyword strategy on your various social media platforms and to also extend this strategy to other off-site platforms. It involves linking all your social media platforms with a single link whereby if a customer wants to view your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn account they can simply click on the specific icon and be redirected to your other account. This is called multi-channel optimization. Some of the multi-channels include; social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Running a successful social marketing campaign requires patience, consistency, research, customer interaction and offering customers what they need. Social media is a huge platform for marketing your products or services and taking advantage of it as a marketer can increase your customer base and boost your sales.



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